The CP-D90DW-P is the best printer Mitsubishi Electric has ever designed. Reliable, fast, multiformat which provides one of the best printing throughputs of the market. Compatible with Postcard media, as well as Perforated media, provides a very high flexibility of use. 


  • The CP-D90DW is the best printer Mitsubishi Electric has ever designed for Photo booths and Event Photographers. At 155 square inches, its compact footprint makes it fit installations of many kinds. Equipped with versatile connectivity options, small, low-powered devices and computers like a Stick PC, tablets or mobile phones with the appropriate controlling apps can easily be powered and used to control the CP-D90DW printer, providing options such as wireless printing, building a cost-efficient print station, etc. through the connected devices. Jam-packed with features like built-in image processor, auto image-optimizers and a rewind feature that enables users to print multiple print sizes from just one roll of media, the CP-D90DW printer is the ideal workhorse for your photo booth or event printing needs.

    New, Panoramic Printing Solution!

    Panorama printing has arrived for the CP-D90DW. Simply download and update your CP-D90DW Firmware and Panoramic Drivers to start printing 6×14″ and 6×20″ formats. No additional software needed. No SDK or external accessories required. Requires 6×8″ media.

The CP-D90DW-P printer has a NEW PANORAMA FORMAT available in 6×14″ and 6×20″ (15×36 cm and 15×51 cm) sizes.

Perforated Media

Perforated Media provides more printing formats in order to increase printing possibilities. It is available for the 4×6 inch/10×15 cm paper rolls. The perforation is on 2 inch/5 cm from the left side of the paper roll. Perforated Media allows to make the popular square format 4×4 inch/10×10 cm. For the use of this paper on events it is possible the use the left strip for additional content like discount vouchers or branding.

When the printer cuts on the 3,5 inch/8,9 cm size instead of the standard 4 inch/10 cm the final output is a Polaroid sized print of 3,5 x 4 inch/8,9x 10,2 cm plus the strip on the left site.

Postcard Media

10×15 cm / 4×6 inch

Enhanced Rewind Function

The new rewind function featured with the CP-D90DW offers cost savings to maximize media usage, and better work-flow efficiency that minimize impact on print speed, while giving users the convenience of printing multiple size photographs using only one single type of media.