With Mitsubishi’s Smart D90EV event printer you can look to the future.

Event horizon

With Mitsubishi’s Smart D90EV event printer you can look to the future.
Here are five ways in which it’ll change the way you work, for the better…

IMAGINE YOU’RE SHOOTING AT an event: a wedding, graduation ball,county show… whichever it is you’rethere to make money, not to admirethe scenery.

Now ask yourself what packages you’re offering. If it’s a deal where clients need to go online after the event to buy pictures, you’ll probably be missing out on a good chunk of them ordering.

They like the pictures,sure, but they’ll forget, or lose your card, and then you lose the income. That’s where a dedicated events printer like Mitsubishi’s Smart D90EV can revolutionise your business.
Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having an online portal, but a dedicated events printer will let you hook in clients more easily, make more money on the day, and help you keep clients coming back for more.

Here are five things to get excited about with the Smart D90EV

    In the modern world people crave immediate satisfaction, and the D90EV can certainly provide that. Witha print speed of just 28.8secs for the largest size, not only can you deliver what clients and attendees want almost
    immediately, but also improve your footfall and advertise your services by producing lots of example prints to customise and adorn your stand. Print smaller using the included templates and you can even get up to 450 printsper hour!
    But it’s not all about speed. Thanks to its advanced dye-sublimation thermal transfer technology, the D90EV is able to provide truly vivid colour rendition (a gamut of approximately 16.7 million colours in total), and much deeper and richer blacks than
    conventional models. Prints from the unit offer great detail, too, with a 300dpi output.
    Of course, all that speed and quality means nothing if you have technical difficulties and can’t connect to the printer. That’s not a problem you’ll encounter with the Smart D90EV though. Thanks to an easy, intuitive WiFi interface, connecting with the printer
    is simple, and in just moments you can sync it with mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet, or with a Wi-Fi enabled camera (or one using an Eye-fi or Flu card). There’s also FTP support if your camera body has it. Photos can then be manually or automatically sent to the printer as you shoot – an almost effortless way to fulfil your orders.
    Taking the D90EV’s superb connectivity one step further, the printer can create its own public Wi-Fi network in HotSpot Printer mode, and this lets guests or clients print their very own images of the event, just as easily as you can. Printing
    from their own devices, customers can quickly create high-quality gifts, which is a great sideline to your main event activities, and a real bonus feature when clients are looking to book your servicesfor an event.
    It’s as simple as connecting the device, opening the browser and choosing what and how to print. There’s even cool effects on-board, such as photo strips and Polaroid templates.
    Designed to make your events printing as easy as possible, at around 20kg the D90EV is perfectly portable, meaning you can set up and  start selling prints almost anywhere. In fact, it’s easy to pop the unit on the back seat of your car, or in your
    boot, because it only measures around 370x280x300mm, and the small footprint also means you’ll be able to set it up easily at your venue, without needing lots of space, as many units would. What’s more it’s built for the rough and tumble of event life with a
    tough metal casing.
    The Mitsubishi Smart D90EV uses roll media and using standard media packs it can print at up to 9x6in. The latter size is taken care of by the CK-D769 or CK-D723 packs, which come with two paper rolls, each of which will provide a whopping 360
    prints, while the former also contains dye-sub ribbons. Packs are also available in 4x6in, 5x7in and 6x8in, but these standard sizes are just the start of what’s possible Thanks to Mitsubishi’s innovative Perforated Media, the D90EV can print
    onto media up to 4x4in or 4x2in in size, with the perforated portion being easily removed. By adding your own logo and images to supplied templates, these perforated sheets mean you can supply a print with a removable coupon,
    promotion or information about the event. Of course, this is perfect for garnering repeat business via vouchers or adding a special twist to the service you’re providing on the day; like a prize draw or raffle!
    And to top it all off, because the D90EV has a surface lamination feature you can offer a choice of finishes, without having to run separate printers or change the media you’ve loaded in.


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