Photo Booth Software for Events by Soluciones Tecnicas Electrónicas SL

  • Access without additional installation, delivery via mobile or tablet.
  • Compatibility with any browser.
  • Quick export of photos from the event.
  • Custom settings, including carousel option.
  • Operation without internet connection.
  • Compatible with Citizen CX-02 / CY-02 / CZ-01 / CX-02W printers.
  • Flexible use models for varied events.

This software offers a comprehensive and versatile solution for events, allowing you to capture special moments quickly and easily, with customization options and compatibility with different devices and printing needs.



I EVENTS Photo Booth Software for Events compatible for CITIZEN printers

At Soluciones Técnicas Electrónicas SL, we are proud to present our exceptional event photo booth software, meticulously designed with the goal of providing a unique and high-quality experience to our users. This innovative system has been created with dedication and care to offer a comprehensive solution that guarantees unforgettable moments at any event.

Our event photo booth software is a versatile and comprehensive tool that offers a number of outstanding features:

Next Generation Event Photography System: We offer an advanced photography system that captures special moments quickly and easily, ensuring the highest quality in each image.

Access Without Additional Installation: No additional software installation is required. Users can access the system through their mobile devices or tablets via Wi-Fi connection, thus facilitating its use and accessibility.

Universal Compatibility: Our software is compatible with any browser, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for all users.

Event Photo Export: We offer the ability to export all event photos, allowing participants to instantly preserve memorable memories.

Custom Settings: The software allows for custom settings that include the option of a carousel to display photos in a dynamic and attractive way.

Multilanguage Interface: With an adaptable and multilingual user interface, we guarantee a friendly experience for users of different languages ​​and cultures.

Operation without Internet Connection: Our software can operate without an Internet connection, ensuring continuity of service in environments with connectivity limitations.

Compatibility with Specific Printers: It is compatible with a variety of Citizen CX-02 / CY-02 / CZ-01 / CX-02W printers, ensuring fast and efficient printing of captured photographs.

Various Usage Models: We offer different usage models that adapt to the specific needs of the event, from unattended mode to validation by operator, with limitations on copies per event and per user. In addition, it is compatible with Wi-Fi cameras to send images wirelessly.

Our event photo booth software is the perfect solution to add a special touch to any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, corporate party, promotional event, or other special event. We guarantee unforgettable moments and a unique photographic experience for all participants.


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