• Offline kiosk with  15.6-inch screen  and Diland iKiosk software customized by SOTELEC.
  • Fast sending of photos through multiple options: Air Print, Whatsapp, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Social Networks, Cards, USB, Work Directory and Cable Smartphone.
  • Photo-quality prints and accurate passport photos.
  • Overflowing creativity with options for collages, albums, composite greetings, gifts and personalized calendars.
  • Unique and versatile photography experience to capture special moments with ease.
  • Compatible with  CITIZEN printers


IKIOSK SKS215 Citizen CREATIVE PHOTO KIOSK: Your Versatile Photography Solution with iKiosk

The SKS210C CREATIVE PHOTO KIOSK is an offline kiosk with an integrated 15.6-inch screen, equipped with iKiosk, the Diland software customized by SOTELEC exclusively for compatibility with Citizen printers .

Featured Features:

  • Plug & Play experience with iKiosk:  This photo kiosk is equipped with iKiosk, the software developed by Diland and adapted by SOTELEC to ensure a hassle-free plug & play experience.
  • Photo Sending Versatility:  Facilitates sending photos through Air Print, Whatsapp, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Social Networks, Cards, USB, Work Directory or by Cable Smartphone, providing a variety of options to share your special moments.

iKiosk Standard Solution:  Includes a variety of essential features:

  • Screensavers fully adaptable to your style.
  • High quality photographic printing.
  • Accurate and professional ID Photo Creation.
  • Various image formats to adapt to your preferences.
  • Easy design of personalized congratulations.

iKiosk Creative Solution:  In addition to the standard functionalities, this version offers additional services:

  • Creation of personalized Collages and Albums.
  • Preparation of composed congratulations and unique gifts.
  • Design and creation of personalized calendars.

Personalized Experience:  With the ability to design your own formats and a wide range of creative options, the SKS210C CREATIVE PHOTO KIOSK offers a unique experience adapted to your preferences, transforming your captured moments into exceptional and personalized memories.

Brochure PPM215C KIOSCO